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Dec 19, 2011 at 10:25 AM

COPA Valuation


Please consider the scenario........

There are multiple production plants....FG are transferreed to HO and sold from there and excise is not included in customer invoice.

Price control in HO is V and production plants S. COPA valuation strategy is defined 001 for real time costing.

Costing key 001. for std cost estimate and 002 for SO cost estimate. Costing keys are attached to Material Types as 001, 002 sequence.

When billing is done from HO error is coming from COPA side because it cannot read cost estimate. So, costing keys are removed from material type...and it is working fine.

Problem that cost estimate cannot be COPA

Costing keys can be created in combination with plant ....but there are only 3 keys can be attached to a material type. There are more production plants.....

Is it possible to keep price control V in HO and access cost estimate from multiple plants....???

Expecting expert opinion on this...

Thanks and Regards,