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Dec 19, 2011 at 07:33 AM

SEEBURGER integration using PI: BIS, BIC, AS2 Adapter, FTP ?


Hi All,

we are exploring on EDI project, where sap ecc is integrated with an seeburger edi partner via PI.

the integration involves: EDI ANSI X12 documents like 850, 855, and UN/EDIFACT documents like DESADV

for this while searching, i came across:

1. the wiki content created by Prateek Raj Srivastava,

2. a presentation by sam raju

I was trying to find out, what all we need in PI..

in PI, what type of communication channel can be used,

can we use FTP adapter, that is comes by default in PI.

or is it necessary to buy something (adapter or content) from SEEBURGER.

after searching little more on seeburger front, got to know that there are:

BIS (Business Integration Server)

BIC (Business integration Converter)

AS2 adapter.

is BIC is an adapter, that we can select as adapter type, while creating the communication channel.

the presentation by sam raju, describes "Configuring BIC as Module", if BIS is configured as a module, what is the type of communication channel in ID.

is AS2 adapter is part of BIS or BIC.

for integration using PI, out of BIS, BIC, AS2, what all is minumum required?

what are the roles of BIS, BIC and AS2 in the context of integration using PI.

thanks in advance.