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Dec 19, 2011 at 05:25 AM

Dispatcher does not start during Refresh


Hi all,

We are currently carrying out System Refresh from our Production to Quality system using Oracle backup and recovery method.

We are currently able to restore & recover the Production backup on Quality System. We have tried to restart the database & application to continue with Post-refresh activities. However, we are unable to start the SAP application ( Note: Both SAP application & database resides on different host. Also, we have other SAP applications running on the same server).

Following are the details:


SunOS sun4u sparc SUNW


When checked , dev_disp shows the below logs :

EsStdUnamFileMapInit: Info: mmap() failed. errno = 11(Resource temporarily unavailable)

EsStdInit: unable to allocate 4 MB

EsStdInit: try to allocate 0 MB

  • ERROR => EsStdInit: unable to allocate 20576 MB

  • Error 11 while initializing OS dependent part.

  • ERROR => DpEmInit: EmInit (1)

  • ERROR => DpMemInit: DpEmInit (-1)

  • DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpSapEnvInit: DpMemInit


increase tracelevel of WPs

NiWait: sleep (10000ms) ...

NiISelect: timeout 10000ms

NiISelect: maximum fd=1

NiISelect: read-mask is NULL

NiISelect: write-mask is NULL

Fri Dec 16 14:59:01 2011

NiISelect: TIMEOUT occured (10000ms)

Also, the startup logs shows as below:

Starting Programs


SAP-R/3-Startup Program Rel 700 V1.8 (2003/04/24)


Starting at 2011/12/16 14:57:46

Startup Profile: "/usr/sap/QUL/SYS/profile/START_DVEBMGS03"

Setup Environment Variables


(735) SETENV LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe:/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe:/usr/sap/QUL/SYS/exe/run:/oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient

(735) SETENV SHLIB_PATH=/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe:

(735) SETENV LIBPATH=/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe:

Update local Kernel Files


(737) Local: /usr/sap/QUL/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe name=QUL

(735) system(/usr/sap/QUL/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe name=QUL) returns 1

(735) Return-Code 1 in Local-Kernel-Update. See sapcpe.log.

Execute Pre-Startup Commands


(743) Local: /usr/sap/QUL/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03

(735) system(/usr/sap/QUL/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03) returns 1

(749) Local: /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/sapmscsa pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_ -n

/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/sapmscsa: make new mode. SCSA currently non existent.

sapcscsa: SCSA defined. sapscsaId == 500318684 == 1e00089c

sapcscsa: SCSA attached at address ffffffff7e000000

sapcscsa: SCSA initialized.

rslgwr1(21): Searching for overlap point in pre-existing SysLog file...

/usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/sapmscsa: finished.

(751) Local: rm -f ms.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(753) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/msg_server ms.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(755) Local: rm -f dw.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(757) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/disp+work dw.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(759) Local: rm -f co.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(761) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/rslgcoll co.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(763) Local: rm -f se.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(765) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/rslgsend se.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(767) Local: rm -f ig.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

(769) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/QUL/DVEBMGS03/exe/igswd_mt ig.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03

Starting Programs


16.12.2011 14:57:47



(794) Starting: local ms.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03 pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_

(795) Starting: local dw.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03 pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_

(796) Starting: local co.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03 pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_ -F

(798) Starting: local se.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03 pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_ -F

(799) Starting: local ig.sapQUL_DVEBMGS03 -mode=profile pf=/sapmnt/QUL/profile/QUL_DVEBMGS03_

(735) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.

(735) **** 2011/12/16 14:59:07 Child 795 terminated with Status 0 . ****

(795) **** 2011/12/16 14:59:07 No RestartProgram command for program 1 ****

:QULadm 38%

Can you please help us on how to resolve this error as soon as possible?

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

With regards,


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