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Dec 18, 2011 at 10:29 AM

solar01/solar02 in solution manager: landscape structure definition- urgent


Hi Forum Members,

I need to understand whether this is possible and if it is then how do i do it; any step by step manual from SAP is available. We have solman 7.1 and project with type 'implementation' created. When i go to solar01/02 i can maintain business scenario for ERP with relevant business processes however our landscape is like ERP, CRM, Enterprise Portal , DMS (Document Management System), TREX. I wish to adjust solar 01 business process structure in a way that it reflects the entire landscape. So, regarding i have few questions as below. Please let me know your views ASAP as i am runnig very short of time to asetup

1. Is it possible to adust all these applications in the single business process structure e.g. one implementation project has business scenarios to ERP, CRM, EP and so on.

Business process structure we get is general with nodes after project creation in project administrtion is :

A.Organizational unit

B. Master Data

C. Business scenarios.

2. If not then do i have to create individual projects for each aplication like one for ERP and Other for CRM and so on.

For reference please see the below prototype i am expecting to achive by doing this (solar01) :

<Implementation Project>

A.Organizational unit

B. Master Data

C. Business scenarios

<Business scenario for ERP>

<Business scenario for CRM>

<Business scenario for EP>

<Business scenario for DMS>

<Business scenario for TREX>


<Applicable interfaces>


Rupesh Modi