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Dec 17, 2011 at 04:13 PM

Latest Sales Order gets confirmed quantity


Dear Friends,

I have one issue with one of the plants and one material XYZ.

1. There is no stock in the plant. Sales Order is created for 10 qty. In MD04 I can see that the sales order has generated requirement and the stock is in minus.

2. Now after some days I have created one planned order for 10 qty. So the entry is passed in MD04 with plus 10 qty.

3.When we check the stock in MD04 it says 0 available.

4. When I create a new sales order now for 3 qty, the strange thing is that the newly created sales order is having confirmed quantity of 3. The material is availabe right on the day this order is created.

THe question is - Why the second sales order got the confirmed qty when the stock is not there. THe planned order stock should have been consumed by the first sales order itself. For the second sales order the material availability date should have been in future considereing all the days it takes for production of the material.

Any suggestions regarding this?