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Apr 18, 2005 at 11:39 PM




I am implementing a BSP with a tableview iterator. When the user selects one or more rows and clicks a 'Submit' button I want to pass the key field (which does not need to be displayed) via a hidden form field to a function module which will update a row in a BW master data table.

I used an obj of CL_BSP_BEE_TABLE to put the input field together with another field into a custom column. I have the display working and I am now trying to get the key values from the hidden input field in each selected row of the tableview. It seems that GET_SIMPLE_DATA is best the way to do this (but if anyone has other suggestions please speak up). I am brand new to ABAP but have some experience in OO programming and web applications.

So my question is about the 'DATA' parameter in GET_SIMPLE_DATA. I am not clear on the form or syntax. From reading this" target="_blank">">this post it would seem that this is supposed to be in the form

DATA = <i> InternalTableFromTableview</i>_LINE-<i>fieldname</i>

</b> I tried declaring something like that with this statement:

<b>DATA <i>InternalTableFromTableview</i>_LINE like line of <i>InternalTableFromTableview</i></b>

but the compiler does not like it because I am referencing column names that I've created in <b>ITERATOR~GET_COLUMN_DEFINITIONS</b> (including the custom column), not the actual field names in the interal table from my BSP application.

Can someone please explain where these parameters come from and how I would declare/get them? I can post code if necessary.

Thanks very much,