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Dec 17, 2011 at 06:16 AM

Cost Estimate error is coming at the time of billing document release


Dear All,

Hi, I am facing one problem that is whenever i am releasing the billing document system gives the error message.

Error : No standard cost estimate found for this material 164001001.

Here problem is some finished products we have a cost run and other finished materials we don't have a cost run. Other finished materials billing document release time we are facing the above error. There is no costing run for other finished materials. Here we have a CO-PA.

I have mainatined the costing key settings(ke40) in co-pa. In Ke40 t.code i have maintained the below settings.

1. I have selected transfer standard cost estimate radio button under determine material cost estimate.

2. Costing variant is 1010( This is our varaint)

3.Costing version is 01

4. Period indicator : Current standard cost estimate account to entry in material master.

I have maintained the above settings in ke40 t.code. Please suggest if any thing is wrong on above settings.

And also i have maintained costing key to material type assignments in ke4j t.code.

Here i maintained the three point of valuation (PV), One is real valuation, second is manual planning, third is automatic planning.

here i have assigned material type (fert) to costing key in costing key1 filed.

Please suggest if any thing wrong in the above settings. Still i am facing the same error at the time of billing document releasing time. Anybody please help to me. It is a very urgent to me.

Thanks & Regards,