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Dec 17, 2011 at 03:19 AM

Pallet Placement !!


Placement Strategy Required:

One bin should not hold different materials. Bin can hold different quants of same material depending

on the space available in the bin.

Strategy should cover both the below cases.


PO has only one line item. Material X ordered qty is 500ea. Pallet size is 100ea.

Now the system should first propose an old bin containing X from different batch if space available

in the bin for the pallet else it should propose new bins for all pallets of X.


PO has many line items for different materials like X,Y,Z etc. Ordered qty is different for all the materials.

Pallet size is different for all materials.

Now the system should propose respective bins one by one for all the pallets of different materials.

System should not propose same bin for pallets of different materials.

Old or new bins proposed for the material pallet can hold only same material wrt the space available in the bin.

Note: The system should not propose a bin(old/new) if the full pallet cannot be placed in that bin.