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Dec 16, 2011 at 04:25 PM

IP File Upload - Error in compounded infoObject value


Hi Experts,

I am getting below error when uploading the file in IP

Value 3010/0150 for characteristic Org structure is not valid

Org structure (CHORGSTR) is compounded with 0CO_AREA. I have maintained CHORGSTR = 3010 & 0CO_AREA = 0150. Ideally the function should take 0150/3010 which is the valid combination. But the function takes i n reverse as mentioned above and throwing error.

I have tried to input CHORGSTR as a field in the file.

When I give the value through variable (manual input) I am getting below error

System error in program CL_RSR_FIPT_VAL2SID_PREFETCH and form BEFORE_TRANSFORM-01- (see long text)

From this error it seems the function takes CHORGSTR value in the file and search in 0CO_AREA field of CHORGSTR.

Could anyone help me how to resolve this issue ?


Gopi R