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Dec 16, 2011 at 01:54 PM

COPA Report Error


Dear Experts,

We have created COPA ContribAnalysis Report ( 2 Axis with Form) and the column 1got the Actual Values

This column1 has got sales qty, sales rev, sal.deductions, net sales, variable cost, Contribution ,fixed costs, dep etc

Now the client wants have % column added next to column 1.

This column2 should should have a formula Sales Returns % = Sales Returns/ Sale Rev

Sales Deductions % = Sales deductions/Sale Rev

Net Sales %= Net Sales /Sale Rev

Variable Cost % = Variable Cost/Sales Rev

Contribution % = Contribution Cost/Sales Rev

Fixed Cost % = Fixed Cost /Sales Rev

Depreciation% = Depreciation/Sales Rev

Similarly Client would like to add per unit column next to Column 2 , giving the per unit price/ cost of revenue and Expense

Please send your valuable inputs for the above scenario

Advance Thanks