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Dec 16, 2011 at 08:57 AM

Error activating logical port for service group



I reconfigured the Starter Services because I changed the backend.

It all worked fine, but in SOAMANAGER it throws an error when trying to activate logical ports for service group /IWCNT/BPC_SERVICE_GROUP (error is thrown for all 4 service groups he wants to activate)

Configuration of proxy '/IWCNT/CO_BPC_CONT_BYID_QR_OB' failed

Failed to create logical port for local shortcut.

Service group '/IWCNT/BPC_SERVICE_GROUP' is not assigned to the own business system.

Failed to create a logical port using Service Registry.

Use profile name = 'SAPLOGONPROFILE' version = '4'

Failed to create a logical port for inbound interfaceCustomerERPRelationshipContactPersonByIDAndContact' ''

UDDI error: No Primary Services Registry maintained in this System.

I checked:

1. The provider system name

2. WSIL works fine

3. The profiles used are the same

If i take a deeper look at the service groups there where no logical ports created.

Thank you