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Dec 16, 2011 at 08:53 AM

Issue with J1IJ & J1ID


Hello Gurus,

I am new to CIN. I had a requirement from client for the following issues.

1. While taking MIGO and completing J1IG transaction, Excise Invoice Date field captures any future date is entered by mistake.

for Ex. MIGO # .... is completed on 18/01/2011 but under " Excise invoice tab, excise inv date put is 13/12/2011 , well it must be 13/12/2010 which is a typo error but system accepted that. How to restrict ?

- Actual Results expected -

Field should accept only the date of MIGO or before. Moreover if date is more than 20 days old, system should pop up a message to check the date again.

2. While entering vendor excise details in J1ID, field of ECC nos is accepted as blank. Which should not be blank

- Actual Results expected -

System should restrict blank. Either there has to be a 'Alfa Numeric number' or '-'. when tried to keep blank system should mandate to put '-' if there is no ECC number.

Can somebody guide me on how to configure this.