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Dec 16, 2011 at 06:58 AM

Error Handling in Inbound ABAP Proxy with EOIO



The scenario

I have a File to ABAP Proxy scenario and since the requirement is that the messages have to be processed in a single queue in the SAP system (i.e. EOIO), the sender file channel was configured to be EOIO. This ensures that all messages that enters the SAP system are put in a single queue and then processed one after the other.

The Issue

Now if one of the messages that enter SAP system fails during the processing in the ABAP program, the queue gets stuck and all messages after that go into a scheduled state. And one has to manually clear the errored message in order to continue processing the other waiting messages.

The Question

I know this is a default behavior in an EOIO scenario, however is there any way in which if a message fails in the ABAP program then one can automatically push it out of the queue and keep processing the other messages after it ?