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Dec 16, 2011 at 05:04 AM

RERAIV - Real Estate Invoice mailing - BADI_RECP_SF


I am working for emailing of the smart form and found the same badi BADI_RECP_SF. But to update the recepient details i hope, i need to use cs_mail_recepeint. Please let me know how i need to fill this details. If not this CS_MAIL_RECEIPIENT, is there any other option to provide the mail id. I want to send the invoice to the mail-id updated in BP transaction.

My business requirement is when we creates the invoice through RERAIV, the output should go to customer through mail.

one way of doing is select check box "Email" in RECPA520, but my business don't want to execute this manually. And through this process i can send output only to one emial id (standard) which is maintained in business partner master.

Is there any way to send mail to other mail-ids which are maintained in business partner?

For achieving this functionality, we have badi: BADI_RECP_SF. But I am trying to know how to update or pass the parameters for this BADI method 'PRINT'.

If you have achieved this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.