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Dec 15, 2011 at 09:35 PM

SOAP to IDocs Scenario...IDocs getting locked at SAP


Dear Experts

We are sending measuring point details to SAP system from 3rd Party. Scenario is working fine for small amount of load. If more number of messages triggered (say 100) IDocs at SAP are getting stuck u201CMeasPoint 10000211 currently locked -> document processing not possibleu201D.

I tried configuring Sender SOAP adapter as EOIO and specified the Queue name as Test Queue. Still IDocs are getting stuck at SAP ECC. Now one more issues messages are getting stuck in queue SMQ2. We can control the flow by using BPM in PI. I donu2019t want to use BPM for this. Can we control this from SAP or using Trigger by background program in Partner profiles?

Please suggest. Thank You.

SAP Error Details:-MeasPoint 10000211 currently locked -> document processing not possible

Message no. IR007


The object you want to access is locked, either

u2022 By yourself in another session, or

u2022 By another user

u2022 or by the system, which is still processing data for this object

System Response

The system cannot access the object.


u2022 If you are locking the object yourself in another session, exit processing in the other session and continue processing in this session.

u2022 If the object is locked by another user, you can

o contact the other user

o wait until the other user has finished processing the object

u2022 If the object is locked because the system is still processing its data, wait a while, and then call up the object again.