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Former Member
Dec 15, 2011 at 07:47 PM

MVAL - Reverse ACCT model to KF model



As per the link below we can convert multiple KF to single KF

Source data:

Account, Entity, Data source, LC, GC, TC.

Cash, SalesItaly, Input, key1, key2, key3

Mapping command:

Account =MVAL(LC|STR(Cash_lc)||GC|COL(1)+STR(gc)||TC|*STR(Cash_tc))

Target data:

Account, Entity, Data source, keyfigure

Cash_lc, SalesItaly, Input, key1

Cash_gc, SalesItaly, Input, key2

Cash_tc, SalesItaly, Input, key3

Taking the same example above ,how to now reverse it convert Account based model to KF model

please suggest the MVAL syntax mapping command with example

This would be required for exporting data out from BPC to BW