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Dec 15, 2011 at 07:31 PM

System picked wrong TRansport type?



I have created a custome table with tge below settings,

Data class: Master data Transparent tbl - APP0

Delivery class: 'C' - customizing

Table View Maint.: - Allowed completely

It has 3 fields, including MANDT field.

It has a view maintennace/SM30 to add the data

Recording routime is Standarad - It willl ask a TRANSPORT

Because of business requirement, i have made ALL the 3 fields are as KEY fields, fine.

Then, i went to SM30, i have added 10 entries to it in DEV system, got a dialog for the transport....with out checking the TR # correctly i pressed the enter button, but, later i realized that, the used TR # is a WORKBENCH type of trasport!!

Pls. let me know

1) Why systme defaulted a WORKBENCH transport, it suppose to be a CUSTOMIZING trasport right?

2) Now, can i delete the entries from that WORKBENCH trrasnport and add them to a customizing transport MANUALLY in SE10? is it safe?

3) Can i move them with the the same workbench TR? is it safe?

Thank you