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Dec 15, 2011 at 04:54 PM

Promotion jobs and OLAP Connections



We are using BI Platform 4.0 SP2 patch 8. We are trying to understand what 'overrides' mean in the LCM environment.

We are trying to move some webi reports from our development server to the production server using promotion jobs. When we add a webi report inside a job, and manage dependencies we can see that OLAP connections needed are also included, and also the corresponding BEx query. Promotion job always finishes with partial success and the only error message is about the OLAP Connection:

Resolution Status=Copied, Dependency Status=Some of the required dependencies are not selected., Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : Must create object under it's defined root folder.

All dependencies are, for sure, selected but the OLAP Connection is the only object that is not moved to production system.

Override for this OLAP Connection is active and promoted.

As far I know overriding connections is the mechanism needed to 'copy' the object and adapt it to the production environment, for example a connection in dev system that points to a test datawarehouse system is converted to a connection in prod system that points to a production datawarehouse. Quite similar to the conversion of logical system names that we have in SAP datawarehouse when transporting objects. Do I'm right ?


Joan B. Altadill

CELSA IT Services