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Dec 15, 2011 at 02:20 PM

Unable to find SWCV in BW system for inbound proxy


Hello Friends,

There is one interface running in our system. It is FILE to PROXY. Every day MDM sends some vendor details in files form. PI polls the file and map to structure for BW. (BW is SAP System).

In Operation Mapping, Sender Side : Our own interface and structure is used. On the Receiver side, 'GenericVendorIN' interface from SAP SWCV 'BI CONT' is used.

Messages are processed successfully for this interface in PI (PI 7.1) and failed in BW side due to application error. Not all messages, few messages.

When we try to troubleshoot the business logic (ABAP) written for this inbound interface in BW system, this SWCV BI CONT is not displayed in SPROXY transaction. But, we see successful messages and failure messages in BW system. (Txn: SXMB_MONI). ESR is connecting fine. Our SWCV is adisplayed correctly.

Friends, could you please clarify why SAP Standard SWCV BI CONT is not displayed in SPROXY transaction? For any errors, how do we troubleshoot then on the inbound side i.e in BW system.

Thanking you.

Kind regards,

Jegathees P.