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Dec 15, 2011 at 07:09 AM

BO 4.0 Content Migration - Universe not Found


Good Day Experts!

I'm about to quit my job and open a beach bar in Hawaii - please help.

We're in the process upgrading to BO 4.0. Installed the software (base and patch 8) successfully on our new production server - migrated our content successfully with the upgrade manager from our old production box to the new production box - changed the links and ALL is fine.

We completed the same steps above for our dev server - base installation and patch 8 is successful and content was migrated to this new dev server - BUT - for some unexplainable reason - we cannot refresh data in our dashboards and webi's - and get an error that says "Document failed to load - Universe not found". When you go into Universe Designer and CMC - all universes are there :(............We decided to REMIGRATE the content to this dev server.

This migration is now FAILING - The upgrade manager completes all steps except the last step: Committing Objects and returns an error: "The upgrade process has been interrupted by an error: Cannot find the user, group or object 10672. The server supplied the following details: OCA_Abuse exception 4 at exceptionmapper.cpp:79. Cannot find the user, group or object, canu2019t get applicable rights"

Your assistance and advice on the above will be MUCH appreciated.