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Dec 15, 2011 at 06:38 AM

Automation of file attachment in VA41 transaction (case managemnt)


Hi Experts,

We are facing problem in attaching file to the sales scheduling agreement, as we have to do mass attachment without manual intervation. We are migrating our data to to a new system, where we have tio attach file to all sales scheduling agreement documents.

In standard, system provides a dynamic screen where if you choose to transfer from file from the alv toolbar button click, system provides a popup to get the file path and it attach the file to the document. SRM_START_FRAMEWORK_RFC is reponsible for provding the UI for uploading the file. I tried to use the sam logic, but as it it is in abap objects, i am unable to understand complete flow.

As after the migration, there will be huge data to be update with file attachment, it would be difficult to attach file manualy.

If anybody has undergone with this kind of issue, please let me know.