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Dec 15, 2011 at 05:55 AM

reversal of interest rate instrument ...


Hi Experts

I am using money market , prod type 55A interest rate instruments for loans . i have entered a simple fixed interest 10 % monthly payment loan for principle 100000. I have done settlement & made posting for first 6 months interest payable cash flows..

the problem is i want to reverse the last cash flow..

i first undo settlement then through tpm10 i reversed the last interest flow

However when i see my loan cash flows all the postings were missing though only cash flows appear.. in tpm10 i can still these documents as yet to be reversed.

again when i do settlement again & post the interest payable, all those entries were agin posted through tbb1 ... pls suggest where the problem is occuring or there is other way of doing this.....

thanks & regards

saurabh gupta