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Dec 15, 2011 at 12:01 AM

at delivery



once i save the order when i try to make delivery at vl01n my storage location dont get determined automatically even though i have maintained the determination correctly at ovl3.

when i give storage location manually i get the below mentioned error *... now when i go and check the material at mm02 i dont see any tax indicator which normally i see and can mention the tax as '0' .

why cant not i see the tax indicator at mm02?

i tried making new material as well by using mm01 but somehow i am unable to see it in material master data.

.....* the error as it is:

Material 1807 is not defined for sales from Great Britain

Message no. VL413


The tax indicators are not maintained for material 1807 for the country of Great Britain.

System Response

The system does not allow delivery of this material.


Maintain the tax indicators for this material in the material master.

please help