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Dec 14, 2011 at 11:21 PM

RunningSum in section


Hi all,

i have report wiht vertical table with monthes in columns and sales revenue in rows. I created a section on year.

Then i created a simple runningsum formula: RunningSum(SalesRevenue)

The numbers in first table for the first year are ok and the running sum in months is ok. But in the next table for the second year running sum continues to sum sales revenue from the first year. So if the running sum for the first year in december was 100 000 and in january of the second year sales revenue is 1000, running sum gives me an output 101 000 which is not correct. There should be only 1000. I dont want running sum to continue across years. Running sum should start for every new year from the begining. How can i achieve this ?

Thanks for any help,

regards Martin Zluky