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Dec 14, 2011 at 10:59 PM

Copy Subject from ZDCR to ZDMJ/ZDHF



In ChaRM, you obviously select a Subject against the Change Request (ZDCR in our scenario) which determines whether the Change Document is a Normal Correct, Urgent Correction etc.

Lets just say we choose Normal Correction. The Change Request is approved and a Change Document (ZDMJ) is created. We know the Subject field isn't required for the ZDMJ but we want this to be copied from the Change Request. The reason being we want this field to be included in the Smart Form so users know the type of change that's been created when they get an email.

I've had a look at the IMG Activity "Define Mapping Rules for Copy Control" but there doesn't seem to be a column for Subject. Priority, Category, Text, Date, IBase, Reference all appear and these are working fine. However, not Subject 😔

So experts, is there a way for the Subject filled to be copied across from Change Request?

Thank you very much!!!!