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Dec 14, 2011 at 05:15 PM

Log Error : Invalid Input Parameter %s for every SAP B1 Client


Hi Everybody,

in my company we have performed SAP B1 upgrade from 2007A to 8.81 PL07, in two steps upgrading first to PL04.

Everything is working fine for all our clients, we are able to post and work normally with the system.

The only annoying problem is an error message coming up every minute for every client in the log:

SQLMessage Error I Technical Invalid input parameter: %s # # MID=-1 BOID=-1 BO= UserID=manager C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One\SAP Business One.exe Version=8.81.315 Area= PID=1316 TID=4340 D:\depot\BUSMB_B1\8.8_SP1_REL\SBO\8.8_SP1_REL\Application\__Engines\DBM\__DBMC_DataBase.cpp 9547

I couldn't find anything regarding this topic in the forum, only one similar post but unanswered.

We are using two server: one for the licence server and one for the database (the database server is clustered)

Does anyone have any idea about this? Has it ever happened to anybody?

Thanks for your help