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Dec 14, 2011 at 04:49 PM

Issue with Editable ALV cl_gui_alv_grid


Hi All,

I have an editable ALV with 2 columns with radio buttons.

For Ex : I have 3 fields say f1,f2,f3 - F1 and f2 Represents radio button and f3 as notes(Char 10) and by default f1 is always selected.

Requirement : when ever user clicks f2 the notes f3 have to become editable and mandatory

I have hot spot for f1 and f2 and. editable.

So when ever user clicks f2 i have the event handle_hotspot_click trigger and here i'm changing the f1 radibutton blank and f2 radiobutton selected and i'm forcing f3 editable enabled by using

if ls_celltab-fieldname eq 'F3'.

  • Switch the style to dis- or enable a cell for input

ls_celltab-style = cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_enabled.

modify ls_outtab-STYLE from ls_celltab.


modify gt_output from ls_outtab index es_row_no-row_id.

CALL METHOD sender->refresh_table_display.

My Issues are

1) I'm enabling the f3 field so i need a message saying f3 need some text before user jumps to next row and change radio button without entering the f3 notes of previous row

2) Also in PAI for sy-ucomm = SAVE

call method g_grid->check_changed_data

importing e_valid = l_valid.

AND IT ALWAYS RETURN 'X' indicating there was change in the ALV output and also when i try to debug it just go through the method without going to actual code with in the method


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