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Dec 14, 2011 at 01:18 PM

Balance sheet reports - YTD or Periodic


Hello Experts,

Had a question about how and what data needs to be loaded from BW to BPC NW version so that I can create balance sheet reports in BPC. Currently I am loading the periodic debit-credit activity to my planning application for all the accounts (Its the 0FIGL_O14 DSO and there is a custom cube created over it. We are not loading the 0BALANCE from the 0FIGL_C10 cube).

As an example, when we select in the current view both 2011.MAR and YTD, I though the report was supposed to return the values accumulated between 2011.JAN to 2011.MAR for Balance sheet accounts. Instead of that, the report returns only the 2011.MAR value.

But after reading a couple of threads on the forum I found that the above is the right behavior since balance sheet account values are always loaded as YTD.

I know I am doing something wrong out here but dont know the exact reason and how do I correct it?

Please give suggestions around how balance sheets are to be created and what data needs to be exactly loaded from BW...