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Former Member
Dec 14, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Discrepancy between data in Multi Provider and DSO



I have a DSO(sales order) and a multiprovider which inludes the DSO and other cubes.

I have created two queries - one on the multiprovider and the other on the DSO and I am comparing the data between the two which doesn't seem to match.

All conditions are same except the input condition on date.

Query on DSO has input filter on cal day which refers to infoobject 0CREATEDON and query on multiprovider has cal day input which in identify characteristics has 0CREATEDON and others fields from cal day from other cubes.

Also when I am manually dispalying data for the DSO and the multiprovider, the multiprovider seems to show additional data which is not at all there in the DSO. This is where the problem is and hence the difference in the data between the two queries.

Please help.