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Apr 15, 2005 at 08:03 PM

Bapi Error when connecting through .net connector



Could anyone help me with this error and the reason for this error. We have two SAP Systems, one for development and other one for test.

When I run my .net program to execute the same BAPI on SAP development system, my program runs fine and no errors/exceptions occur.

But when I run the program to connect to SAP Test system, I get the following error. The exception occurs as soon as I call the bapi. This is a custom bapi that we are trying to call. Is there any way we can test whether the connection to SAP system is established before calling the BAPI ?



Message: CREATE OBJECT: Class \CLASS=ZCL_IM__WTY_BAPI_CREATE could not be found.

Source: SAP.Connector.Rfc

Stack Trace: at SAP.Connector.SAPConnection.ThrowRfcException(RFC_ERROR_INFO_EX rfcerrInfo, Encoding encoding, String languangeCode)

at SAP.Connector.Rfc.RfcClient.RfcInvoke(SAPClient proxy, String method, Object[] methodParamsIn)

at SAP.Connector.SAPClient.SAPInvoke(String method, Object[] methodParamsIn)

at TSI.WarrantyClaimCreateProxy.Zz_Bapi_Warrantyclaim_Create(BAPI2222HEADER Claim_Header, String Simulate, String& Claim, String& Claim_Tmp_Ident, BAPI2222ITEMTable& Claim_Item, BAPI2222MEASURETable& Claim_Measure, BAPI2222PRICINGTable& Claim_Pricing, BAPI2222LONGTEXTTable& Claim_Text, BAPI2222VERSIONTable& Claim_Version, BAPIPAREXTable& Extensionin, BAPI2222ITEMRELATIONTable& Item_Rel, BAPIRET2Table& Return2, BAPI2222VERSIONRELATIONTable& Version_Rel) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\TSI\WarrantyClaimCreateProxy.cs:line 128

at TSI.CreateClaim.CreateClaim_BAPI() in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\tsi\createclaim.asmx.cs:line 357

Target Site: Void ThrowRfcException(SAP.Connector.RFC_ERROR_INFO_EX, System.Text.Encoding, System.String).