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Dec 14, 2011 at 05:12 AM

Event Manager DSOs Standard or Custom


We need to load Event Manager data to bw. The standard SAP EM BW is frame work. We can use some fields, but we still need to enhance a lot of fields. We are debating using the standard ones or create custom ones. What are the most other company using- standard ones or custom ones?

We will enhance standard extractors to add additional fields but will be generic. Type will be match. All the EM BW profile be able to reuse those fields.

Option one,

Use the standard one, we will have to enhance many fields. Many SAP fields we will not use. ( All EM BW profiles -> standard DSOs.) All the additional fields will be genertic.

Option two,

Each BW profile will have its DSOs. (13). It will be easy to create report. But we may have many DSOs. ( One EM BW profile -> DSO 13)

Option three,

We will group BW profiles in to its DSOs base on function area. ( base on function area, some BW profiles -> DSO 1~3u2026 i.e procurement area, Orderu2026..)

which one is better? and why?