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Dec 13, 2011 at 07:48 PM

Planned order start date change not working



I try to change the start date in the planned order (for intermediate material), which is created by MRP run. In MD04, the exception reads 06 (start date as past). Through MD04, change button, I changed the start date from current date to future date (say 02/07/2012) and after saving I go back in display mode, it still holds today's date. May I know what master data/parameter not allowing to change the date? How to change the planned order start date? I already searched the forum/web, but could not find suitable answer. The SAP version is 4.7 and I have service packs upto SAPKH47029, so OSS Note 944965 - Planned order conversion: changing planned order data won't help.

This is happening for only one material, others working ok, so compared the material master found no difference except production storage location. There is no entry for this field. Does this cause the start date problem?

Thanks for your inputs,