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Former Member
Dec 13, 2011 at 05:39 PM

Are Enterprise Services required under DUET FP1, GW 2.0?


In an earlier project we did prior to DUET FP1, GW 2.0, we did not use Enterprise Services. For the new project, I have a valid GW Data and Consumption Model generated under GW 2.0. When I try to follow the old instructions for the non-Enterprise Services install and generate the flat service under transaction SIMGH, the new screens have required fields for Enterprise Services Repository (ESR), so obviously it wants Enterprise Services information. The old instructions (screens) did not have ESR fields. Is there a way around this or is Enterprise Services required for DUET FP1, GW 2.0? Are there instructions on how to create a non-Enterprise Services instance?

BTW, I was following the "Build Duet Enterprise Applications with Gateway RFC or BOR Generator" document for creating my project. I ran into a similar problem here where there was no Enterprise Services set up for the "Create BDC Model from GSDO Type" step.