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Dec 13, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Dynamic process levels in BRF


Hi Experts,

I have configured a BRF workflow in SRM 7.0 which is suppose to have theree step approvals. I am able to achieve the two levels among the total three by creating custom events and expressions in BRF from the help of many experts provided in SDN. I have tested the shopping cart and succesfully found the two levels are working fine. In the third level the approval process is different it is not static it is dynamic. After the second level approval is completed the cost centre managert approval is required. I need to get cost centre manager from a ztable and compare the shopping cart price with the approval limit of the cost centre manager. If the shopping cart value is more than the approval limit of cost centre manager, then the cost centre manager will aprove and also the shopping cart should go to his manager for approval.

From lot of reasearch and exploring SDN now I am able to understand the process workflow but I am not able to understand the dynamic determination of process levels. Can someone help me on this.

Thanks and REgards,