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Dec 13, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Problem with a simple Crystal 10 report


Help please!!

I am writing what should be a simple report in Crystal 10 which is acting oddly.

The report is built on 3 tables which sit on a SQL database and are linked through ODBC views. The tables are property, referral and incident and the property table is the one that exists in all cases. All three have a Property ID and the other two tables are linked to the property table through two full outer join connections. A property can have a referral or an incident or both.

I just want to create a report which lists all the unique properties which have a referral or an incident which has been created within a particular timescale.

The filter I am using is:

{est_property.est_address_postalcode} = "AB12 5NX" and


(({est_referral.CreatedOn}>={?Start date}) and ({est_referral.CreatedOn}<={?End date}))


(({Incident.CreatedOn}>={?Start date})and ( {Incident.CreatedOn}<={?End date} ))


Note the 'AB12 5NX' bit is just to speed the testing process up as the databases that I am querying are large.

The version I am running is although I am currently (very slowly) downloading SP6.