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Dec 13, 2011 at 07:30 AM

Web Dispatcher 7.3 - Modification Handler


Hi experts,

does anybody have experience with modification handler of web dispatcher 7.3?

I tried to configure as mentioned at but meanwhile I guess that there are lot of errors in the documentation. Do you know a documentation / blog which works?

I will give you some examples:


RegRedirectUrl / http://server.domain:8080/default.html [CODE=permanent]

Meaning: forwards a request that only contains the backslash to the address http://server.domain:8080/default.html.

=> By using this rule you will get an infinite loop (if server.domain is the dispatcher). Rule

RegRedirectUrl ^/$ /start/default.html [CODE=permanent]

should work.


If %{SERVER_PROTOCOL} !stricmp "https"
RegIRedirectUrl /sap/ (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}/sap/ $1 [code=permanent]

Meaning: If the protocol used is not HTTPS, the request is reformulated for HTTPS.

=> This rule is incorrect because of the spaces


It should be possible to use multiple conditions, e.g.

If %{REMOTE_ADDR} regmatch 192.168.* [OR] If %{REMOTE_ADDR} regmatch 10.*
RegIRedirectUrl ....

=> This rule does only work if you try to access with IP 192.168.*. The second condition does not work. Regular expression

If %{REMOTE_ADDR} regmatch ^((192.168.*)|(10.*))


4. If you want to format the action file like

If ....
<tab> RegIRedirectUrl ...

the Redirect will never be performed.

Furthermore I was unable to find something like else or endif. What does that mean? Is it only possible to write ONE rule after an if-condition? How do you create an else block? Something like that?

If %{REMOTE_ADDR} regmatch ^((192.168.*)|(10.*))
RegRedirectUrl ...
If %{REMOTE_ADDR} !regmatch ^((192.168.*)|(10.*))
RegRedirectUrl ...

Many thanks in advance.