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Dec 12, 2011 at 07:49 PM

CRM_MKTPL - Switch from tab "Products" to "Segments"


Hi experts,

I'm dealing with a problem related to CRM_MKTPL and I don't see how to solve this. I've made some changes according to my customer needs, which includes a new tab depending on the selection in the campaign. But now I notice something strange.

When I go to the tab "Products", fill in a product and select then tab "Segments", the results shown in this screen is still the product information. So it seems like it does not get refreshed. Important remark: the changes I've done didn't concern the tab "Product" at all, so during the tests - and that was a mistake of course - I didn't care about these products. Now the customer is filing in some products and gets this strange behaviour. Since I didn't know what possibly could be the cause, I've commented again all changes I've done before, including the new tab I've created. But strange: the problem still persists !!!

And I only have the problem when I fill in a product. If I don't fill a product and I make the switch, I get the correct "Segments" layout. Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem here? Or does anyone have some tips & tricks for me to find my problem?

Thanks in advance !!

Kind regards,