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Dec 12, 2011 at 05:53 PM

GWI-No partner determinat. in CRM for appointments transferred from Outlook


Hi, Gurus,

We are implementing Based-client Groupware integration.

If we create a new contact in SAP CRM, itu2019s correctly transferred to MS Outlook. You can even see contact guid and accout guid for this contact.

If we create an appointment (transaction type 0000) in CRM, it is transferred to MS Outlook with this information:

- Contact = null

- Category = SAP CRM

- All information related to contact and itu2019s account itu2019s shown as a text in the appointment in Outlook

Here is our first problem. When we create an appointment in CRM, once itu2019s transferred to MS Outlook, contact person should be shown in contact field in Outlook appointment, shouldnu2019t it? In our case, Outlook contact field is null. So, if you look for this contact in Outlook and look for his activities, the appointment transferred from CRM is not in the list

The other problem is: if we create an appointment in MS Outlook, we associate the contact using Contact field. This appointment is transferred to SAP CRM, but it doesnu2019t determine account and contact person. Does anybody knows why it doesn't? We are using transaction type 0000 with itu2019s standard customizing

Weu2019ve made one test with a very surprising result.

- In MS Outlook weu2019ve selected an appointment that was created in SAP CRM and transferred to Outlook.

- Weu2019ve copied this appointment in Outlook, deleted the text information (containing data related to account and contact), and saved

- This activity is CORRECTLY transferred to CRM, including account and contact determination. Where has this activity the information about contact and account, if contact field is null? How are users supposed to update contact information when creating an appointment in Outlook,if itu2019s not by using contact field?

does anybody knows whatu2019s the problem with this integration? Why partner determination is not working in CRM for appointments created in SAP CRM? Why appointments created in SAP CRM are not associated as activities for the contact

Thanks in advanced