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Former Member
Dec 12, 2011 at 02:58 PM

Which Tax ID to use on the Vendor


I need some assistance on what is the generally accepted practice on tax id's.

On the Control screen, there is tax id1 and tax id2. THen on the Company Code Withholding screen, there is the 1099 information and tax id.

If I have a vendor that is 1099 applicable, should the tax id get entered on the Control Screen and the Withholding screen


If I enter the tax id on the Control Screen, and fill in the 1099 information on the Withholding screen (except for the tax id), will the system automatically use the tax id on the Control screen for 1099 processing?


If the vendor is 1099 applicable, nothing is entered on the Control screen and the 1099 data including tax id is entered on the Withholding screen.

Thank you