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Dec 21, 2016 at 04:58 PM

Avoid inspection lot creation at storage location level


I have a material XXXX. For that the activated inspection type is 04.

The GR is done in Storage location namely ABC and EFG.


When we do GR against PO, I want that Inspection lot of this material should only be created ,If I select storage location ABC and if we select EFG no no inspection lot should get create.

I also know that if if I need to control the creation of inspection lot dependent on the storage location of the GR , we should use EXIT QAAT0001 and check MSEG-LGORT and dependent on the value set the flag E_NO_INSPECTION which will avoid that an inspection lot is created. The exits needed is EXIT_SAPLQAAT_002.


My question is when does this user exit get triggered? Like will it get triggered when we do the GR using CORK, COR6n, MIGO etc? Please help.