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Dec 12, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Passing data between two views.


Dear experts!

I created new ZViewKHDS (table view type) and added to standard component BT115H_SLSO. On ZViewKHDS, i added a SAVE button to save data on this view to ZTable. In method EH_ONSAVE, i can get the GUID of transaction type (get from view Details of component BT115H_SLSO, so when i create new transaction type SLSO, i can input data on ZViewKHDS, and save these data to Ztable with key is GUID of new transaction SLSO. In implementation class of ZViewKHDS's context node, i redefined method IF_BSP_MODELINIT to initial view of ZViewKHDS. But when i display the old transaction type SLSO, from method IF_BSP_MODELINIT, i can not get the GUID of transation type SLSO, so i can not fill exactly the data from ZTable belong to the SLSO to the ZViewKHDS. So can you show me how to get the GUID of transaction type SLSO from method IF_BSP_MODEL~INIT of imlementation class of context node in ZViewKHDS.

Thanks you very much!