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Dec 11, 2011 at 08:31 PM

Universe Designer


I have been going throught a book on how to create Universe but there are still some things which I do not understand.

QUESTION 1 - They are talking about Table Browser which you get by rightclicking on Stucture Pane but I do not understand where thses tables are coming from? How have they been populated?

QUESTION 2 - what type of schema is used when joining the tables in Structure Pane (star, snowflake, normalised...)?

QUESTION 3 - they are talking about Derived Tables, why would I create them? How would I populate them?

QUESTION 4 - When creating Joins between tables, you can use Outer join. When would I use that? On left or right side?

QUESTION 5 - When to create OLAP and when to create OLTP universe? If decide to use OLTP where tables are comming from?

QUESTION 6 - Is it better to create Universe on Query or InfoCube? Why?

QUESTION 7 - When mapping CH I am getting Level 00 and o1. What are they? What is difference? Which one to use in e.g. WEBI after opening the Universe?

Thanks a lot in advance. I have been working with Universe for weeks but still very very confused!!!!!!!!!!!