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Dec 10, 2011 at 09:37 AM

How to make table control rows dynamic/unlimited using TC with Wizard


Hi Friends ,

I have designed a table control layout using table control with wizard.

Now the problem is when we design a TC layout ,then we have to design it on the page . The page has upper & lower limits. so the maximum size & maximum rows in layout is limited. I have tried to create a TC layout with maximum size & maximum rows . Maximum rows created in Layout is 25.

Now suppose if enduser wants 100 entries to enter by coping a file of 100 records in my TC present on entry screen , then ONLY 25 entries are displayed on entry scren before doing any user action or saving and after saving only these 25 entries are sved in DB. Means enrtries from 26 to 100 are not displayed on entry screen or saved in DB.

So my requirement is to display all 100 entries at a time in entry screen before saving with scrolling up & down facility and these 100 entries should also get saved in DB after clicking save button. In short I want dynamic entry screen table control which can show/dieplay Any Number . of entries whatever the number may be entered by enduser .

Plz note that I have used all 3 facilliteis i.e.

1. Scrolling



while designing TC with wizard .

Scrolling buttons like FIRST PAGE, PREV. PAGE, NEXT PAGE, LAST PAGE are displayed.

BUT they are not functioning though there is system generated code present in both MPP and in PBO & PAI. After clicking any of them , data which is dislaying on entry screen ( Here it is 25 entries ) is getting cleared/disappeared from enry entry screen.

Waiting for ur response & solutions.

Thanks & Regards,

sudhir srivastva