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Dec 09, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Handling fee to go 2 times in account



I have a return order ZRE1, the pricing procedure assigned to it is ZSE001.

A snapshot of ZSE001 is--

1. ZDGR Gross Price ERL(Act key)

2.ZKD1 Handling fee ERS

ZKD1 is maintained as -/+ values in percentage.

Now the client requires-

1. ZKD1 value should go into ERS 2 times

2. Net price will go to ERL(calculation will be like ZDGR-ZKD1)

3.These calculations should happen automatically in the order

What I have tried

1. Create 2 condition types ZSE1 and ZSE2(ZSE2 is negative of ZKD1) both values equal to ZKD1, now by using Refernce condition type I have managed to copy ZKD1 to ZSE1 but it's not possible for ZSE2 as ZKD1 is "No" sign and ZSE1 is "negative" sign.

The new pricing procedure would look like

1. ZDGR----ERL