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Apr 14, 2005 at 10:02 AM

Problems with permissions on file-repositories


Hello Forum,

i'm getting confused while i'm testing the differences between the acl/w2k security managers.

My Konfig:




(this user has full-access to all docs)

then i configured 3 File-Reps, all pointing to the same share (

EP6 no security-manager

EP6_ACL acl security manager

EP6_W2K w2k security manager

(Portal-User mapped to the windows-User)

I expect:

- EP6 access to all documents

- EP6_ACL access to documents where i have granted access to my portal user via permissions in the KM-Content

- EP6_W2K access to documents where the mapped windows user has been granted access on the filesystem

This is what i get:

All three Repostories behave in the same way.

- my Portal User can only access Files, where the
domain\user has been granted access

- it seems, that the assigned security-managers didn't work

- EP6_ACL it makes no difference if i assign restrictions to the KM-ACLs

- EP6_W2K it makes no difference if i assign permisons for my windows-user on the os

Where is my fault.

Do I have to deal with some caching-problems?

Do i have to use three different Locations on the filehost?

Thanks in advance.

Frank Winkler