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Apr 14, 2005 at 08:52 AM

BSP iView parameter



I've got one BSP which is started in zwo different iViews. The only difference between these two iViews is the "Application-parameter". iView 1 has user_rolle=1 iView 2 has user_rolle=2. With this parameter user_rolle, inside the BSP I know which iView started the BSP and do some other selections.

The same user must be able to switch between these two iViews in the same session.

Following problem appears:

The "application-parameter" is only sent with the first start of the the BSP. As long as the session exists,

the parameter doesn't change no matter which iView I choose.

Some information:

- Client-Cache setting in the iView definition is set to "off"

- BSP is state-full

Does anyone know how to restart the session to the BSP each time you start the iView?

Or a better solution how to differentiate inside the BSP from which iView it's been started?