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Apr 14, 2005 at 04:37 AM

BADI - BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER - Debuging in web browser



The end user will launch a catalogue via the EBP system. The user will search for materials and services within the catalogue search engine. The materials and services will be displayed with the numbers from the R/3 system. The end user will select the services and materials from the catalogue and the data will be transferred via OCI interface into the shopping cart of the EBP system. The master data for materials and services within the catalogue wonÂ’t contain any leading zeros like in the R/3 system.


I want to stuff leading zeros to the material/service number when data gets transfered, so I am trying to use BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER BADI. I have stated coding ENRICH_ITEM_DATA method but unable to test the data. I like to know how to debug the code... since I am viewing it in web browser breakpoint is not working... how to put some message or write statement and view it in browser... and which parameter I need to use to get material no.

Advance thanks.


Balaji Viswanath.