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Dec 08, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Issue in new macro calculating values in time series in CVC


Hi friends.

I'm new in APO.

I have a problem with a new macro in CVC which calls up a FM to calculate and store data.

This new macro calculates the selected data in time series (TS) and e.g. we select 3 days to make calculation with this macro, the first selected day in TS is ignorated.

We created this macro to do this calculation when user enter some manual values and want it to be calculated in the deliver points in CVC, by TS.

This macro calls up my Z function which internally calls up a standard FM '/SAPAPO/TS_DM_SET' (Set the TS Information).

Sometimes, this FM, raises error 6 (invalid_data_status = 6), but only when I user 'fcode_check' rotine together.

After that, we call the FM '/SAPAPO/MSDP_GRID_REFRESH' in mode 1 and 'fcode_check' rotine in program '/sapapo/saplmsdp_sdp'.

Firstly, I thought it could be dirty global variables in standard FM so I put it inside a program and called it by submit and return command. But now I think could not be this kind of error because it did not work. And inverted the results, and now only first line os TS get storted and change in CVC.

It's a crazy issue. Please friends. Guide me for a solution!