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Apr 13, 2005 at 09:33 PM

SAP_TemplatePulldownField for AWART in CATW



I have a question regarding the functionality of SAP_TemplatePulldownField and how it specifically relates to CATW, field AWART (A/A type).

How does this actually pull and populate the contents on the html? I understand the html related logic, however I do not see the connection of how this specific field (AWART) is being retrieved from SAP. Is it going dirrectly to a table? Table T554S, CATSDB?

Here is a sample of the code that I am using:

`<td `SAP_TemplateTableCellClass( subtype="HEADER" )` ALIGN=LEFT NOWRAP>

`SAP_TemplatePulldownField(id=j & "_AWART", name=j & "_AWART" ,key="AWARTTAB-VALUE", content="AWARTTAB-VALUE", selKey=AWART[j])`


I have changed the content of this field to show the actual code, rather than description. This was done by changing the content="AWARTTAB-VALUE", instead of content="AWARTTAB-TEXT".

Where are AWARTTAB-VALUE and AWARTTAB-TEXT coming from?

Can I alpha sort this by AWARTTAB-VALUE. It is currently sorted by AWARTTAB-TEXT.

Also, how could I restrict the values for a specific employee when using this transaction? We are seeing values on the ITS CATW screen that have expired dates which I do not see when using CAT2 on SAP.

Any ideas?