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Apr 13, 2005 at 08:02 PM

"Intervals in Hierarchy" Any Performance Implications ???



Is anyone aware of any performance implications in reports when we filter on a hierarchy which has a lot of interval nodes.

This is what we are encountering. We have a hierarchy on Account Group in which all nodes have interval ranges. We added this hierarchy in a query.

When we do not do any filtering on the nodes of the hierarchy (Time Independent) and let it run for the complete hierarchy, the query runs fine and retuns in about 2 minutes.

We run this query again, keeping all things exactly the same, but do "fix filter value to axis" on a node of the hierarchy. When we do this, query runs for about 45 minutes...

We have repeatedly seen this behavior with different nodes of the hierarchy. I have not tested with a hierarchy that doesn't have hierarchy nodes...(currently working on that)

I looked in OSS notes, didn't find anything useful, but, I might have missed something...

Please post your comments if you have seen any behavior like this.

Thanks alot